Friday, July 14, 2006


Five Mets on the cover of Sports Illustrated!

I foresee dire consequences. And I'm usually right about these things. Dammit!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Whoa, David!

I read somewhere that, before the All-Star Game, David Wright said it was to determine whether the Mets would get home field advantage in the World Series. I'm surprised, to say the least, that the usually circumspect Mr. Wright would be so presumptuous. After all, there are the small matters of (1) winning the division pennant or the wild card, (2) surviving the first round of playoffs and (3) winning the NLCS, to be taken care of before home field advantage in the series (which, in the event, now belongs to the Designated Hitter League) becomes an issue.

Okay, I'll grant that, even at the All-Star break, the likelihood of (1) seems more than 50-50. Still, being a Mets fan accustomed to catastrophe and collapse, I envision, say, Pedro's hip problem being a more than transient thing. I won't be convinced until the magic number reaches zero. (I know, "Ya gotta believe!", and all that. Sorry, Mets, but you've made me a skeptic.)

Meanwhile, Tom Van Riper of Forbes pleases me by including the 1986 Mets in his list of the top ten major league teams of all time, but disappoints me by failing to include the 1962 Mets in his list of the ten worst. He notes that they mananged to lose 120 games "supposedly in a humorous way." Come on, Tom, haven't you ever read Jimmy Breslin's Can't Anybody Here Play This Game? "Supposedly"?