Sunday, August 11, 2013

Broken Darling, "Dust"

I found out about this song, and the band Broken Darling, through a comment on Brooklyn Heights Blog by a neighbor of mine whose nom de blog is "Remsen Street Dweller" (Remsen Street, although called "Remsen Drive" in the show, is known to us boomers as the home of Patty Lane, the character played by Patty Duke in her eponymous TV comedy; Remsen is one block south of Montague Street, where I live). Anyway, R.S.D., as a way of breaking from a tedious debate on "Open Thread Wednesday", posted a link to the YouTube video above, noting that Lia, the female vocalist, is a cousin. I watched it and posted back:
Oh. My. God. I love that song. I'm going to re-post it on my blog soon. This is a very talented group, and Lia is a darling indeed. It also helps that I'm a train buff.
Watching the video, one thinks "Appalachia," which it really is, but Wikipedia points out that Hunterdon County is considered part of the New York metropolitan region.
Yes, I'm very impressed by the song, which has the quality of coming straight from the heart, and the video, which is compelling. As a railfan, I found the scenes of disappearing trains and abandoned, weed-choked tracks particularly moving. Broken Darling is: Mark Bodino, vocals and guitar; George Mandala, guitar; Lia Menaker, vocals; Tony (no surname given), bass; and Jason Nagelberg, drums. You can hear their songs here.