Thursday, June 25, 2015

TBT: Eddie Cochran, "Summertime Blues."

Eddie Cochran had a hit with "Summertime Blues" (which is what the Mets are having now)  in 1958, when he was nineteen, and died in a car crash when he was 21. He's remembered for his snarling voice and his guitar virtuosity, as well as for other hits like "C'mon Everybody." If James Dean had made music, he would have sounded like Eddie Cochran.
"Summertime Blues" has been covered a number of times, including by The Who and Blue Cheer.

Addendum: Paul Scanlon, who's probably forgotten more about rock music than I know, reminds me of Eddie's best song, "Cut Across Shorty," which I'll include as a TBT bonus (it's still Thursday, if only barely):