Sunday, July 24, 2011

Remembering George Kimball

Muhammad Ali and George Kimball (
George Kimball, sports writer extraordinaire, died on July 7. I got this sad news quickly via the Lion's Head grapevine established by Dermot McEvoy. I didn't post anything immediately, as I had for other Lion's Head companions. I remember meeting George, and having some conversations with him, but I have no specific memories of anything he said. This is to my detriment, not his. It may just be that they occurred late enough in the evening (or should I say in the morning?) that alcohol, the universal memory solvent, had its way with them.

So I was glad to find (again, thanks to Dermot) that my friend Larry Kirwan has written a eulogy for George in the Irish Echo. The money line: "To George, sports was life at hyper-speed, the way he often lived it." Like Larry, I wish I had spent more time with him.