Thursday, November 27, 2008

A fearless prediction: FSU 33, Florida 28

Why? The Gators are 10-1, second in the BCS ranking, and expected both to win the SEC and play Texas for the national championship. The 'Noles are 8-3, ranked 23rd in the AP poll, and could play in a BCS bowl provided they win the ACC championship. Trust me, this situation is custom-made for an upset. Look for State to take an early lead, then find ways to contain Harvin and disorient Tebow long enough to withstand a late Gator rally.

Shame-faced 11/29 update: It looks like I've lost my touch. I used to be able to see clearly when a Gator upset was coming, and when it wasn't.

For what it's worth, I'm glad I was wrong.

Tuck in!

Whether you're having traditional turkey, vegetarian or vegan alternative, or spaghetti carbonara, Calvin Trillin's favorite Thanksgiving dish, enjoy!

(Photo taken at about 2:30 P.M., November 26, 2008, at Trader Joe's, Atlantic Avenue and Court Street, Brooklyn.)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Planxty: "Sally Brown" and "The Frost is All Over".

Planxty was, along with the Bothy Band (see also here), one of my favorite traditional Irish groups. I never saw any version of the whole group perform live, though I did see Paul Brady and Andy Irvine, sort of a rump Planxty, at Town Hall in the early 1980s, and, since my date knew them, got to meet them backstage. In the late 80s I saw Andy performing solo at the Eagle Tavern, and, since my date (not the same one as at Town Hall) knew him, got to have a beer with him after.

Some time ago I posted a YouTube clip of Planxty doing "The Jolly Beggar". Unfortunately, that clip is no longer available, but I've found another of the same 1980 lineup: Donal Lunny on bouzouki (a Greek instrument which Andy, following Johnny Moynihan, championed the use of in Irish music), Andy Irvine on mandolin and lead vocal, Liam O'Flynn on Uilleann pipes, and Christy Moore (who introduces the song) on guitar, doing a sea chantey, "Sally Brown", first made popular by Sweeney's Men:

I also found a clip of a different, 1974, lineup, with Irvine, Moore (who here plays bodhran), O'Flynn, Paul Brady on guitar, and Johnny Moynihan on fiddle and lead vocal, doing one of my favorite Planxty numbers, "The Frost is All Over":

QE2 arrives at her final berth.

Forty years to the day from the beginning of her maiden voyage, Cunard's magnificent Queen Elizabeth 2 (photo above from her penultimate visit to New York, last January) docked today at Dubai, United Arab Emirates. There she will remain as a floating luxury hotel.

The story and photographs of her arrival are in today's Khaleej Times. I'm sad to learn that her towering red and black funnel will be removed to make way for a "four-story penthouse"; but glad of that which will be preserved, including some of her best-loved interior spaces.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Blog links: I'll take 'em where I can get 'em.

I'm thrilled to have gotten a blogroll link from Fucked in Park Slope, even though it's Heights, not Slope, strollers I have to dodge in my quotidian rounds.

And, yeah, it wasn't so long ago I was pushing one, myself.

Call me breeder.

Monday, November 24, 2008

I love Cajun music: D.L. Menard, Marc Savoy and L'Angelus

A couple of months ago I posted with a link to a YouTube clip of the venerable Cajun vocalist and guitarist D.L. Menard doing his signature song, La Porte d'en Arrière ("The Back Door"). Unfortunately, that clip has now been removed from YouTube, so I've found another (see above) of D.L. doing the same song, accompanied by Marc Savoy on accordion, and by the exciting young group L'Angelus, consisting of four Rees siblings: Katie and Paige on guitar and bass, John on drums, and the youngest (20 as of this past June), Steve, playing very hot fiddle.