Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Christina M. Rau's Brooklyn Bridge video.

As anyone who has followed this blog for some time (and if you have, may Procrastinatus, the god of blogs, shower you with blessings) knows, I walk the Brooklyn Bridge as often as I can, which lately is more days than not. So my curiosity was piqued when I read in her blog that Christina M. Rau, a professor in the English Department at Nassau Community College and the founder of Poets in Nassau, had walked the Bridge and, as she wrote, "at the halfway point, I turned on my FlipCam and got footage of almost everyone crossing." Well, "almost everyone" didn't include me, but it's a great little clip (see above), which Professor Rau appropriately accompanied with the Beastie Boys' "No Sleep Till Brooklyn". You can read about her Bridge adventure on her other blog, Rediscovering Brooklyn: A Local Tour de Force. She also has a post about my neighborhood, Brooklyn Heights, on that same blog here, complete with a peek inside the women's room at Plymouth Church of the Pilgrims.