Saturday, February 11, 2012

Goodbye, Whitney Houston

This romantic ballad, written by Dolly Parton, is what I, and many others, will remember you for. Such a loss to die so young.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Live Blogging Super Bowl XLVI from the Henry Street Ale House

XLVI? I have fond memories of III.

The coin is tossed. Giants get to call, call tails, and lose. Pats elect to kick. Funny, in my experience, it seems the call is almost always heads, and it almost always comes up heads.

First Jint drive stalled by short loss followed by sack. Punt puts Pats deep.

Brady flagged for intentional grounding from end zone. Safety; Jints up by two.

Jints drive for TD, Manning to Cruz, after fumble recovery by Pats nullified by penalty. So far, Pats can't buy a thrill. Down in yardage about 100-0.

Pats offense finally got going, but stalled in red zone, so settled for FG, making it 9-3 Jints. After that, lots of back and forth. Jason Pierre-Paul, who batted down two Brady passes, is from my college alma mater, South Florida.

Pats drive the length of the field for a TD that makes it 10-9 in their favor at half. Pierre-Paul is alternatively hero and goat, as he tackles for a loss on 2nd and goal, but drops into pass coverage on 3rd, giving Brady time to find his receiver.

Halftime. Madonna has antlers. "Springtime for Hitler"? Time for a quick visit to the loo.

Awful halftime show continues. No wardrobe malfunctions. "World peace"? Yes, please.

Chrysler ad looked like it could be an Obama ad.

2nd half kickoff. Pats start on 20; Brady promptly completes two passes, then a long outside run gets them to Jints 35. Drive ends in TD pass. Brady sets record for consecutive pass completions in Super Bowl.

Jints FG makes it 17-12.

Sackarooni! Pats forced to punt from deep; Jints get ball on Pats' side of midfield.

Jints drive stalled; another FG makes it 17-15.

Brady's pass intercepted deep; fumble on next play recovered by Jints. Are the football gods back on NY's side? Maybe. Disputed sideline catch near midfield called in NY's favor.

Lots of stuff at the end; Jints came back with TD to go up 21-17. They hang on with end zone defelection of Brady's Hail Mary pass. So, the Giants' curse on the Patriots continues.

Super Bowl games used to be almost predictably dull. This one was good.