Sunday, November 06, 2005

I did say to look out for Vandy, didn't I?

I'm beginning to think I could make money calling Gator games. What was the spread? Had to be at least seven.


  1. Florida-Florida State game coming up soon . . . .

    Go Gators!

  2. Yes, indeed. Neither in position to be a spoiler now, so it's hard to predict. Seems to me it comes down to which team is hungrier.

    Nice impromptu Fray gathering tonight: Demos & wife, Iso, Persephone & Twiff (an item, to my pleasant surprise) et moi. Looking forward to your next visit.

  3. All y'all North Easterners need to come down to visit sunny Florida this winter!

    And I'm looking forward to my next visit to NY [whenever that may be]

  4. The Grizzlies had a disappointing year in football, but there's always basketball season!