Monday, February 20, 2006

Mature at last!

The Trivial Life - Why Jay McInerney should embrace frivolity. By Blake Bailey.

According to Blake Bailey, "Mature at last!" was F. Scott Fitzgerald's cri de couer after each crisis, and might well be McInerney's. As one who admires both The Great Gatsby and Bright Lights, Big City, despite having little in common with Nick Carraway (apart from "being inclined to reserve all judgements") and with "you" (except for the occasional sense that an attractive woman I pass on the sidewalk is regarding me "as if I just crawled out of the Hudson, trailing slime"), I'm similarly inclined. This despite being a bit shy of a month from my sixtieth birthday. (I've told my wife that I mean to have buttons made that say "60 is the new 40". She doesn't approve.)

So I promise this blog is back, and will at last live down to its intendedly ironic name. Keep checking.

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