Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Go West, by God!

Every once in a while I find a blog that's worth special mention, and the latest is The Goat Rope. El Cabrero serves up an irresistable combination: intelligent socio-economic-political commentary accompanied by heartwarming animal pictures.

Besides, he's from West Virginia. I'm not, but I was born in central Pennsylvania, not very far away, geographically or metaphysically. Montani semper liberi!

Update: It looks like E.C. and I might lock horns on some trade issues (see my comments on "economic nationalism" below), but I still suspect we're in agreement on more things than not.


  1. Thanks for the plug for Goat Rope! Although my brother lived in NYC, I haven't made it to Brooklyn yet, mostly because when there I just walk around Manhattan trying to figure out where those people keep their goats, chickens, and peacocks...They've got to be somewhere.

    I do have a little of the economic nationalism strain but will try to keep it within the limits of common sense and good taste.

  2. Thanks for your comment, EC! I can assure you there are plenty of goats and chickens in Brooklyn, if you know where to look. Unfortunately, for them at least, they're at their last stop on the way to becoming goat roti or jerk chicken, two of the local delicacies. I can swear I've seen peacocks somewhere; probably the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. We also, believe it or not, have a flock or two of parakeets living in the wild.

    As for "economic nationalism", I'm always doing a crazy balancing act between my libertarian and my bleeding-heart sides. I love the dynamism of open markets and the benefits they bring in the way of economic growth; at the same time, I'm keenly aware that those who bear the burden of adjusting to the changes that dynamism brings are often those least able to bear them. Also, part of my libertarianism is a belief in freedom of association, including freedom to form or join unions and bargain collectively.

  3. Hey claude:

    Sorry about the link - don't know what came over me.


  4. No problem, Slick. I just wondered why my sitemeter kept showing these hits on the "oopsnosity" post. I aprreciate your fixing it.