Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A heartwarming holiday story.

Mr. "You're fired!" shows his forgiving side, and Tara keeps her tiara.

It's a wonderful life.

12.20 extry: The Daily News's perhaps inevitable page 2-3 banner today: "Teary Tara to Keep Her Tiara". On page one, she's called "Queen of Denial".


  1. Wow! These similar posts seem to make a circle. Yes, it’s either great minds flowing in similar directions—or it’s a very small world. I appreciate your words regarding the Miss America flap: you said what I intended in a much more concise manner.

    BTW, I glanced through your blog and like what I see. May I add you to my “Good Blogs” link from my blog?

  2. Thanks, Nick. I'd be honored to be added to your links, and will do the same for your blog.

  3. Claude: if you haven't seen it, take a look at "Project Gay" a blog run by two guys from (where else) Philadelphia that covered this topic with sublime irony a few days ago.