Saturday, January 20, 2007

The hits just keep on coming.

This blog has alredy set records this month for both visits and page views (see here), and it's only the 20th. Thank you, my loyal readers.

I'm curious, though (not that I mind at all), as to why it's suddenly so popular in British Columbia.

Update: An anonymous interlocutor (from - where else? - Vancouver) suggests "DawnCoyote's jealous boyfriend?" If that's so, at least I have the comfort of knowing there's the breadth of a continent between us.

But then I think of General John Sedgwick (see here).


  1. Anonymous1:51 PM

    DawnCoyote's jealous boyfriend?

  2. Not one to kiss and tell (it was TenaciousK, visiting me in Vancouver. He seems to have grown rather attached to you). I've just had the unnerving experience of looking at a sitemeter stat that, save for a few very small differences, could have been my own IP and Mac computer. It made me wonder if my neighbour has somehow stumbled onto my blog.

    I didn't know you liked spiders - or maybe I did: If you said so on the fray, I may have read it and stored it away.


  3. Well, you've confirmed my suspicion, which arose because most of the hits I was getting from Vancouver were "referred" from Tenacity Central, and I hadn't gotten any hits from Salt Lake City recently. I guess the internet gives us all the ability to be private eyes. Scary.

    I'm delighted to know TK likes my blog. Please tell him I hold his in high regard, too.

    I don't think I've ever mentioned spiders in the Fray. I used to be an arachnophobe, and my fear stimulated curiosity. After reading a little spider lore, I realized they are fascinating, mostly harmless, and very beneficial creatures.

  4. This may sound odd, but I used to be afraid of spiders, too, until I gave some thought to the Buddhist tenet of non-harm: the avoidance of endiing the life of any sentient being. Once I considered that perhaps the spiders had a right to live, too, I stopped killing them just because they scared me, and they reciprocated by ceasing to scare me.

  5. Hmmm. I'm at more of a truce, myself. Once they come into the house, they both scare me, and they're subject to summary execution. Outside, I'm more inclined to be fascinated than arachnocidal, and they seem content to leave me alone as well.

    PS. Neither the jealous, nor the kissing-and-telling type.

  6. spiders eat annoying insects, such as mosquitos. what's not to love? besides, tarantulas are very soft and light. almost like a puff-ball in your hands. and much cuter than scorpions.

  7. Cuter than scorpions? Now there's a recommendation.

  8. Anonymous6:36 PM

    I'm totally smitten by your blog. I confess, I found it randomly by hitting next blog and I was overwhelmed by the sheer horse sense of... you.

    Keep up the good work.

  9. That you, Mom?

    But seriously, thanks so much. I greatly appreciate your compliments, and hope I can continue to merit your readership.

  10. Congratulations on your blog growth!

  11. Claude: hooray to you joining wikifray!

    twiff: that picture of you is gorgeous. You look yummy all rugged and tousled like that.