Saturday, January 27, 2007

Upper West Side horror.

This afternoon I took my daughter to a friend's place for a sleepover. On my way back to the subway, I spotted this nearly completed building at Broadway between 100th and 101st Streets.

I can only surmise that this monstrosity is the result of a "bad architecture" contest, something like those Bulwer-Lytton contests for writers. If I were a real estate broker trying to sell condos in this thing, the best selling point I could think of is that if you live in it, you're assured of not having a view of it from your window.


  1. Bad architecture isn’t limited to NYC. Here in Louisville there is a pink building with delicate and intricate filigree–like designs on each of the upper floors. It reminds me a lacy negligee rather than the office building it is.

  2. welcome to my neighborhood. There are at least four of these babies being constructed even as we speak.

    for respite from bad design -- head to the cooper hewitt. It's a really inspiring exhibition of winners of their triannual design competition.

  3. Here's the most grotesque thing I've seen anytime recently. Really goes out of it's way--it looks like it was designed by Tim Burton. So much for hallowing the halls and all that.

    (Architecture ain't my thing, but I know indulgent crap when I see it.)

  4. It does stick out like a sore thumb=:(