Friday, February 16, 2007

Readme, John McWhorter

(See his column in yesterday's New York Sun.)

No "recreational hostility" here. This blog guaranteed 100% snark-free.

Addendum: Mickey Kaus has a different take (scroll down to February 15): bloggers are too "elite".

Check this installment of Bloggingheads TV. Kaus looks and sounds much less like a schoolyard bully (he even admits to being "out of shape") than he did here, and Wright less like a schoolyard bully's victim.

Is anyone up to taking Kaus's Dinesh d'Souza challenge?

Another hat tip to the right: Nice piece here by Jonah Goldberg.

And another: Amity Shlaes (again in yesterday's Sun) has good things to say about "new Democrats".

We are being engulfed in a veritable tsunami of civility.

Caveat: In response to Keifus, I must point out that my "snark-free" guarantee does not extend to comments others may post hereon.


  1. Snark free? I hope you're not speaking for your commenters as well as yourself. I'll snark this place up single-handedly if I have to. (Not really.)

    I've mentioned elsewhere, that whatever I might thiink of Ms. Marcotte, I'm sympathetic to religion-directed sarcasm. Too much self-importance to resist. Also I think that that attracting readers is way more about ego than revenue!

    Calls for civility in politics are hypocritical almost by definition...


  2. Isn't it amazing how having the overwhelming support of the American people can render a previously entrenched side so....nice? If you care at all for your own popularity, you have to give it up to the winners. This will fade as soon as Presidential elections are really hopping -- who wants one party doing well legislatively while the opposition is trying to field a candidate?