Thursday, April 12, 2007

Department of intriguing headlines.


Unfortunately, the story is a bit of a letdown.

Update: The link doesn't work any more, but since you're dying to know, the headline was "World Bank's Wolfowitz admits erred on girlfriend," which kinda brought to mind Phil Rizzuto's baserunning narrative that accompanied Meat Loaf's and Ellen Foley's duet on "Paradise by the Dashboard Light".

Extra! Rundeep takes my reference and runs with it, giving us this paraphrase of "Paradise":

I wanna know right now,
before we go any further
will you fire me, will I be
there forever, will you need me,
will the bank never leave me
Well, I've made it such a big part of my life
I could never leave just to become
your wife:

Let me sleep on it,
baby, baby
Let me sleep on it.
I'll have a nap
and I'll send them a memo in the