Friday, April 20, 2007

Red Sox 7, Yanks 6

That almost makes up for the Mets losing to the Braves.

4/21 update: Perfect baseball (and perfect spring) day today, as Mets and Sox win and Braves and Yanks lose.

4/22 upchuck: I can sense Ray Glier's keystrokes as he pounds out his piece procaliming the restoration of proper order to the planet; the rightful NL East champions once again rule, the unworthy upstarts are relegated to ruin. (Yeah, I know, it's a long season ... )

When I saw the Braves ahead 9-6 in the bottom of the ninth with one out, I heaved a great sigh. My daughter asked if I was all right. "No," I said, and told her why. "Oh, get over it, Dad," she said. "It's just baseball, a game guys get paid millions to play while kids are starving in Sudan." OK, I'll go to my room and sulk.

Any hope for salvaging this day now rests on the arm of Kaibutsu. (Thanks to Twiffer for letting me know Daisuke's Japanese nickname, which is so much better than Dice-K.)

4/22 uplift: Sox sweep!

At least no pundit will be crowing about the restoration of the proper pecking order between New York teams.

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  1. claude, your daughter needs to gain some perspective.


    if you didn't catch the super-awesome 3rd inning of the sox game (or, if like me, it makes you happy to watch it again, and send it to co-workers who are yankees fans), i've got a link to it on my blog.