Thursday, May 31, 2007

Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy ...

... (or team). I know, I promised no more baseball posts for a while, but this is just too good to resist.

I never thought I'd say it, but I'm actually beginning to feel sorry for the Yanks. Not, mind you, sorry enough to want them to win this weekend's series with the Red Sox.

6/10 update: When I looked at this post the morning after committing it to the ether, I felt a nagging sensation that I ought to delete it. A couple of days ago sydbristow (see "comments" below) pointed out that, since I posted, the Yanks had won five straight (it's now six). He tactfully did not add that the Mets have gone into a vertiginous tailspin.

Ye Gods! Forgive my presumption. I will never say I'm sorry for the Yankees again.

6/12 update: Twiffer, ever solicitous of my mental well being, tries again to cheer me up (see "comments" below), pointing out, inter alia:

[the Yankees] have dangerous bats, but apparently streaky ones. and still don't have trustworthy pitching.

Hmmm ... what other New York team fits that description to a tee?


  1. He’s out for 3 weeks from a injury trotting around the bases?!? Poor Yanks. What’s next for ‘em?

  2. The Yanks are a BAD team. About two months into the 1965 season NY sportswriters were all predicting a Yankee comeback. They were right, it just took ten years.

    Yesterday's 7th inning was just horrendous. I loved it. Except for the Mientkewicz injury. That was scary. He had the fog in his eyes even when they drove him off the field.

    On the other subject, agreed on all counts, in fact, that's exactly what The Warlord did.

    My question: When does reasonable accommodation become an unreasonable burden on an employer?

    I've also been to many a restaurant on Atlantic Avenue. I just don't have any alcohol, although I've often brought a couple of bottles of Tsingtao into Hop Kee on Mott Street. However, if the waiter in a non-Muslim restaurant made a big deal about touching a bottle of Chianti, would the proprietor have to accommodate him?

    When I go into an establishment run by people of a different culture, I adapt. I'll sit on the floor in a Korean restaurant and cook my own food on the grill. I'll have the Anticuchos de Corazon or the roast Guinea Pig at a Peruvian restaurant.

    If I keep kosher, I don't go into an Italian restaurant and demand that they serve me kosher beef cooked in a pan that has never touched a slice of bacon.

    "When in Rome..." as they say.

    I have a very close Muslim friend who recently married a young Catholic gentleman. They had a Muslim ceremony in her parent's home and a Catholic ceremony in his church. Everybody's happy, except her brother who refused to attend either event. Who's loss is it?

    How 'bout those Mets.

    BTW: We'll be going to the Met Opera in the park. The Central Park performances are really special. Will you be going?

  3. reverse jinx alert .. 5 in a row now??

    anyway, thought of you and our brief what's-not-flat-for-mr.-friedman discussion when I read his latest (yep, he's at it again).

  4. eh, the yank's streak comes at the expense of the reeling white sox and the ever-awful pirates. plus, they're still a game under .500 ball. not to mention 9 1/2 games out of first (though only 5 1/2 back for the wild card). they have dangerous bats, but apparently streaky ones. and still don't have trustworthy pitching.

  5. The streak that's really bothering me at the moment is the one the Mets are on .. mind posting about that one? Could you predict that we'll tank and lose 30 straight?

    Because that might be helpful. Thanks!

    (And yes, I confess to culpability for being so sanguine earlier).