Wednesday, May 16, 2007

How are blog posts like fine red wine?

They improve with age. One of the delights of the electronic medium is one's ability to go back and edit what one has already published. For example, earlier today I posted on Brooklyn Heights Blog about a play some neighbors of mine are producing and directing. After hitting "post", I went to the blog and re-read what I'd done, noted a few punctuation glitches, and corrected them. Then the Blog's Editor-in-Chief read it and made a few changes, including adding some category tags. Next, I e-mailed a link to the play's producer, who responded that she liked the post very much, but added a factoid of interest that I didn't know. This I added to the post. A few minutes ago, I went back to it and re-read, finding a few infelicities of wording that I corrected. So, a post that first was published at about 1:30 this afternoon has already gone through four revisions.

Of course, one can also append updates, addenda or corrections to posts, as I often do, usually because of comments I've received. Blogging should, at its best, be a collaborative effort.

Update: I've already made one correction to this post (capitalization typo corrected) less than ten minutes after it was first published.

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  1. i make corrections to my posts too. yet it doesn't seem to improve them...