Saturday, June 30, 2007


I saw this bird, perched on the shoreline riprap, on my walk through the Empire - Fulton Ferry State Park this morning.

Update: Nick asks (see "comments" below) if I used a telephoto lens. The answer is, "Yes, but just a little." I did zoom in slightly, but the bird was no more than twenty feet away when I took the photo, and showed no nervousness as I approached.

Note to Twiffer: Work?


  1. Nothing better than a good bird photo.

  2. May I assume that you used a telephoto lens and the bird really didn't allow you that close?

    Good photo!

  3. you may be the only person i know who brings their camera to work. but i'm glad you do.

  4. oops. i should check the dates on those posts.


    i need more coffee.