Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The economics of lobster rolls.

Matthew Yglesias presents this gem in the Atlantic (be sure to scroll down through the comments, too, for discussion of such worthy topics as why hot dogs taste better at the ballpark), with inspiration from Tyler Cowen.

Thanks to WikiFray companion John McG for the link.


  1. Who started the myth about hot dogs tasting better at the ballpark?

    My Dad and I were at Shea Stadium Saturday afternoon and the taste of a soggy, squishy tube of ground pig lips was made doubly unpalatable by the $4.75 price tag. Washing it down with a warm $6.75 beer didn't help much.

    Only El Duque's masterful pitching and Carlos Delgado's 2-RBI single (after the Dodgers walked Jeff Conine) left us smiling.

  2. best lobster rolls i've had are here. good chowder too. and a very good chowder & lobster roll combo.

    hot dogs at the ballpark, well, depends on the park. fenway franks are pretty damn good. the ones at camden yards are good too. i don't recall how the dogs at yankee stadium were, but i do remember it was damn near impossible to get a pretzel and a red hook cost the same as a budweiser.