Monday, October 29, 2007

Double your pleasure; double your fun!

The Red Sox have won. That doubles the number of their championships in the twenty-first century, and rates a double Li'l Macduff.

As an update to my last post, Twiff (Li'l Macduff's dad) rises to the bait I plunked in front of him and says the only good thing

about pitchers batting is getting to see them run with their jackets on. I agree, it's amusing. But I've stated one aesthetic reason for hating the DH rule. I'll now advance another: symmetry. Every player should contribute to both offense and defense.


  1. Did you have a frowning picture just in case they dropped a game?

  2. symmetry, eh? c'mon, regardless of the league, there are guys who start for their bat and guys who start for their glove.

    the AL has a higher, league-wide, average than the NL. likely due to pitchers pulling the NL down and DH pulling the AL up. to get a true understanding of the effect switching leagues has, you'd have to look at players who switch in their prime; not at the start or tail of a career.

    think about it. with out the DH, you don't have youk at first for the red sox. he's a bench player or on another team; perhaps even still in triple a ball. with the DH, you get papi's bat, youk's bat and youk's (now gold) glove. without the DH, papi has knee surgery halfway through the season and the sox likely don't make and win the series.

    i will trade that for a perfect bunt, or the agonizing wait to see if the manager is going to fuck up the game, any and every time.