Friday, November 30, 2007

Please be patient, my friends.

Real life is about to interfere with my blogging time, again. I'll try to post when I can, but it's likely to be a bit spotty until after December 12.

Meanwhile, I'll leave you with this view of the Manhattan skyline, as seen at dusk from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. Near the left, with the pointed top, is Cass Gilbert's masterpiece, the Woolworth Building. Near the right, surmounted by the gilded statue Civic Fame, is McKim, Mead, and White's Municipal Building.

12/2 update: I've learned, via Technorati, that this post and my earlier one about my 10,000th visitor (as well as Louise Crawford's nice post in OTBKB about that), have been linked to in a blog called Gay Stars. As best I can tell, this is because GS aggregates lots of stuff that's not necessarily gay-oriented, including anything that includes the word "boomer." In any event, anything that improves my Technorati authority is greatly appreciated, so, thanks! (Some time back, I saw that my blog was linked to something called Voyeur Porn, and found this was because the author had done a search for "Judy Star" that led him to this post, evidently because of the mention of Fairport Convention's first woman singer, Judy Dyble and the use of the word "star" elsewhere in the post. Mr. Voyeur published the link with the note, "Frankly, not what I was looking for, but you might find it an interesting read.")


  1. Beautiful pic. Enjoy life, claude!

  2. Evidently I'm younger...and less responsible. I sowed my oats, and didn't look back. (You know, except to proudly peek at the offspring. But from the shadows!)