Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hello, anybody!

If you ain't got a shackle or a chain.

- John Stewart

Yeah, I've been going through another of those periods of blogger's block, where I keep coming up with ideas for posts, then mentally killing them. Anyway, I'll be back with something, soon. I've been chewing over this piece by Keifus. Then, I have some old, unfinished business with Archaeopteryx: not a disagreement, I might add, more like a midrash. Of late, I've also found inspiration from Publius, of Obsidian Wings.

Anyway, bear with me, and rattle my cage, if you please. I may post some place-holders along the way, but I'll have some substance for you before too long.

1 comment:

  1. Rattle rattle. Thanks for the mention--glad I could provide a little mental bubble gum.

    Even if you're not feeling particularly verbose, the couple of music clips you have below got me hopping over YouTube watching people play this and that last weekend, so that's appreciated. (Been thinking a little about musicality and it's non-obvious relationship to difficulty...)