Monday, March 31, 2008

Mets, Santana, cruise to opener win.

I should worry about this.

It's what comes of being married to a Red Sox fan. The better they do early, you're told, the worse they'll do later.

Nice, though, to see newbies Church and Pagan contributing to the victory. And, the tab scribes won't yet be calling for Santana's head because he's getting four figures for every pitch.

4.1 update: April Fool's day sees yesterday's euphoria exposed for the fool's paradise it was, as Pedro's injury after a rough start means the two and three spots in the starting rotation must be filled by Maine and Perez, with the four and five spots taken by Pelfrey and who-knows-who.

Meanwhile, on the Times op-ed page, David Brooks offers this analysis of what makes for success in pitching, based on the work of sports psychologist H.A. Dorfman. Apparently, self-absorption is a serious hindrance.

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  1. yay! baseball!

    matsuzaka looked damn good in last night's game.