Thursday, April 17, 2008

Best description so far of the presidential campaign.

Gail Collins in today's New York Times:

You were all excited about this election and now you feel like someone who got all dressed up for a great event and wound up at a B-list party with a cash bar.
Addendum: This, regarding the recent Clinton/Obama debate, from Dawn Coyote on WikiFray:
Obama manages to be much more gracious, but really, this is like watching two people competing for the job of Head of Brain Surgery by being required to perform an interpretive dance while the other shoots spitballs at them.


  1. So, so true. I’d hate to skip the joy of Spring, but I want to get the damned nomination process over. Soon!

  2. I think my metaphor is trying too hard, but thanks!

    The process is nuts, but at least they're both good dancers.