Thursday, July 03, 2008

A fountain, a ship, some boats.

This morning, the WQXR announcer predicted a high of ninety degrees. I rose quickly to go for my walk over the Brooklyn Bridge before it got too hot and muggy. I was out the door by eight, and made my way briskly up the Promenade and across the Bridge. On the Manhattan side, I made my customary little side trip to the City Hall Park Fountain, pausing to get this photo before heading back to the Bridge.

Back on the Bridge, as I approached the west (Manhattan side) tower, I noticed a container ship, assisted by two Moran tugs, leaving its berth at Red Hook (since the time of the linked post, the Port Authority has decided to renew the lease of the operating company for the Red Hook container port, thus extending its life at least for the term of the new lease). I got this shot from the vantage point of the west tower.

By the time I got to the middle of the Bridge, the ship was almost broadside to me. She proved to be ANL Esprit, of the former Australian National Lines, now part of the much larger French CGM Group. She is one of the cargo ships that include accommodations for passengers, like lovely Abbie and Natalie. Here she is as seen from mid-Bridge:

As I approached the east tower, I saw this bright red tug pulling two empty barges:

By the time I reached the east tower, ANL Esprit had almost completed her turn to head out the Buttermilk Channel toward the lower harbor:

Off the Bridge, and onto the Promenade again, I saw two yachts, a large schooner and a small sloop, crossing in front of Ellis Island:

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  1. I love the ships! Very cool. Have a happy 4th! :D