Friday, November 21, 2008

Memories of the fall.

Autumn doesn't end officially until December 21, but chilly winds have stripped most leaves from trees here in Brooklyn Heights, so it's beginning to look like the long, cold winter predicted by the Old Farmer's Almanac may be setting in. The past month provided some colorful foliage scenes, a few of which are below:

Harry Chapin Playground.

Tree in front of early 19th century house, Cranberry Street.

Decorated stoop railings, Columbia Heights.

Leaves on car, Pierrepont Place.

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  1. Anonymous3:24 PM

    the colours in that first photo are gorgeous...the pinks and oranges make a great foil for the turquoise jungle gym.

    i don't have a photo...and i really should get one - but there is a maple tree on lolo street, up in the rattlesnake, here in missoula. it's one of tallest maples i've ever seen, and its leaves are not like the dinner plates you often find on common maples...these are only about 3-4 inches across. but the really spectacular thing about them is the colours they produce in the fall. they're pink...neon pink. when it's overcast, it's almost as though the tree itself is producing neon glow.

    i used to live up there, and i seriously could not walk past that tree without stopping. i never got past the awe.