Sunday, April 05, 2009

Lisa Swan loves Citi Field.

Lisa Swan, the (may I still use this term without being unforgivably un-P.C.?) distaff side of Subway Squawkers, and, unfortunately, the Yankees' side of same, likes the Mets' new digs. She also takes exception, as do I, to Mets fans booing Oliver Perez over a poor outing. Nevertheless, I'm compelled to point out that Yankee fans are not immune to the booing your own affliction.

Lisa notes that there's a "character greeting area" for Mr. Met (photo at left) at the new stadium, one of several things that, she says, it has in common with Disney World (another being personable employees). This mention of what I consider to be the most inane of baseball team mascots (and that's saying a lot) leads me to suggest that the Mets jettison the lame Meet the Mets as their fight song, in favor of Faut y croire (tr. "Ya gotta believe!") by the late, great French rock band Dolly:

Not only is this a better song (with a stunning lead vocal by Emmanuelle "Manu" Monet), but its adoption by the Mets will, no doubt, assist President Obama's effort to improve relations with our European allies.


  1. i dunno claude, that plan could backfire. i mean, it's the mets. i fear it has the makings of an international incident.

  2. Thanks for writing this!


    P.S. Still thinking about those delicious Kansas City ribs at Citi Field!