Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Cascades, Grace Jones, and John Fogerty on rain.

After a short break, the rain that was the City's companion for the past four days has returned. One of my Facebook friends commented a couple of days ago that she was "listening to the rain." This prompted me to reply with a link to a pop chestnut from my senior year of high school, done by a group, the Cascades, who got started in the Navy, were named for a laundry detergent and, at the time this song was recorded, had Glen Campbell on guitar (clip by ksabond):

My friend responded with this Grace Jones number (clip by v1rtu050):

As the rain continues its seemingly endless plinking on my air conditioner, I can only think of this Creedence hit from my law school years, here in a post-Creedence version by John Fogerty (clip by masigon):

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  1. Damn you Claude, I have had the Cascades on repeat in my head for the past two days.