Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bruntlett's unassisted triple play: at least the Mets find interesting ways to lose.

Addendum: Today I'm reminded of what Greg Prince, co-author of Faith and Fear in Flushing, wrote some time back: "Being a Mets fan is recognizing reality and accepting that sometimes things are too funny to be sad and sometimes too sad to be funny." (Quoted in John Koblin, "The Anti-Homers", New York Observer, July 20, 2009).

Update: Twiffer, evidently wanting to steer me to the "too funny to be sad" side, sent me a link to this Onion article. Like all good satire, it empearls a grain of truth. (Indeed, I wish someone could tag the Wilpons out.) The Mets did dutifully lose to the Marlins last night (Pelfrey had one of his too-frequent misadvetures; can anyone tell me who is on the Mets' starting rotation now?).

Today, the Mets rose from the dead to trounce the Marlins 10-3, courtesy of not-so-bad pitching by Redding (Pelfrey + Redding: there's 2/5 of the rotation) and good pitching by the bullpen; lots of offense; and lousy fielding by the Marlins. But, while you're on that link, scroll down (and down, and down) through the Mets' D.L. It sorta looks like the casualty roster from Antietam.

Update-update: at least the Cyclones haven't imploded. Yet.


  1. you know I loved it.

  2. just for you claude: mets season over

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