Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Jeter ties Gehrig's record.

Much as I've made it clear that my dislike of the Yankees goes a long way back, and I think most Yankee fans (though there are important exceptions) can be classified as either financial house quants who spend their time plotting new securitization strategies that could lead to the next market meltdown or gum-beating airheads who, when asked, "Why the Yankee cap?", will answer, "Oooh! Derek Jeter...he's so-o-o-o cute!", my animosity does not extend to most (though, again, there are exceptions) individual Yankee players, past or present. Indeed, the roster of baseball's truly great includes a disproportionate number of those who, for most or all of their careers, wore pinstripes. Perhaps the greatest of these was Lou Gehrig.

Nevertheless, I'm not dismayed to see Jeter (who, the last time I attended a Yankee home game, was rushed by two of the aforementioned airheads who came out of the stands to kiss him, and no doubt were rewarded with a night in the lockup) tying Gehrig's hit record. He's worthy of this, both for his play and for his character. I think Lou would be pleased.

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  1. I think Jeter is worthy of a top ten spot on everyones list..