Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Let the Art Institute of Chicago help you with your resolutions.

I'm not one for resolutions. As my wife sometimes says (usually as I'm pouring my ill-advised second helping of Cognac): "You have the willpower of a gnat." Nevertheless, I'm glad to see as distinguished an organization as the Art Institute coming to the aid of those who wish to start the new year, indeed decade, off in good form. As a guide to what should be resolved against (or, according to one of my Facebook friends, in favor of), the Institute has mounted an exhibit of paintings and sculptures illustrating the Seven Deadly Sins, beginning with Lust (see Titian's Danaë--possibly the first-ever recipient of a golden shower--above). For those of you not willing to brave a trip to Chicago in the winter (my friend Marian Saska can give you the chilling details of the winter of 1979 there), the guide to the complete exhibit, with images of the art works, can be seen on-line here.


  1. how convinient. lust is one of my resolutions, after all.

  2. The willpower of a gnat, eh?

    Nice line! Ask her if I can borrow it. Please.

    My daughter considered the Art Institute for her undergrad BFA, but due to the weather chose Tampa and USF.

    (who, by the way, just fired their football coach)

    Good stuff here - I can never get enough fine art.