Saturday, March 06, 2010

Balder returns.

Just over two years ago, I spotted the self-unloading bulk cargo ship Balder going seaward on the East River. A few days ago I glanced through a window in my apartment and saw something large and bright orange coming through the channel between Governors Island and lower Manhattan toward the East River entrance. I grabbed my camera and went across the street to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, where I got this shot of Balder, fully loaded and headed to a berth at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

I get occasional visits to this blog off web searches for Balder. A few days before I took this photo, I got such a hit from somewhere in Quebec. There are several ships, including Balder, Atlantic Superior, and Alice Oldendorff, that have hauled crushed stone from Canada to the Navy Yard.

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  1. s. a. b. . .. thanks for the update. balder is a beauty. tugster