Friday, June 18, 2010

If I post this, will I doom the Mets?

All I had to do, it seems, is kvetch about the Mets' dismal performance on the road, for them to go on a tear and win six straight away games. Yes, I know, these were at the expense of two of the three presently worst teams (the Mariners are now half a game worse than the Indians) in the Phony Baseball League (and it raises what for me is an awkward question: Could the DH rule be a Good Thing for the Mets in their current configuration?).

So, once again, I ponder the Schroedinger's cat question: Will my posting this mean that the Mets will collapse in what, to many of their fans, will be the most important "road" series of the season; the one against the despised Bronx Bullies?

I'll start to get the answer this evening. I tremble slightly as I move the cursor to "publish post".

Update: Sam Metsfan, whose blog, Those Mets, I've just had the pleasure to discover, has an altogether better outlook going into this weekend's series.

Second update: Things are off to a good start.

Third update (6.19): Things didn't go so well today, as Pelfrey had difficulties early and lost his duel with Hughes, who had an identical 9-1 record going into the game. Meanwhile, reviewing yesterday's New York Times, I found this interesting piece by Tyler Kepner, in which he compares the 2010 Mets with the 2005 Yankees.

Fourth update (6.20): Yuck. Santana gets tagged with another loss, but this time he gives up four runs. At least we can say the Mets split the season series.

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