Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mets avoid sweep.

Yeah, it's kinda like "Unemployment rate stays below 10%." I take my comfort where I can. There are some nice things to say about this game. Santana got run support and a win, bringing his ERA below three. Rodriguez got a three-up, three-down save. Pagan went three for five. There were no errors. Bottom line: the Mets are still in contention (OK, they'd be in contention even if they lost, but they'd be six games behind instead of four, and their ability to beat the present division leader would seem, to say the least, very doubtful).

Funny, but when Reyes was hurt yesterday, I thought the Mets would probably win today. I know memory can be tricky, but it seems they usually win the first game after an injury to a starting player. I suppose it's because everyone else on the team feels the need to play better to make up for the loss. Has anyone done a statistical analysis of this?

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