Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The Times' Clyde Haberman on chronicling the Lion's Head.

Clyde Haberman, who took a drink or two at 59 Christopher Street back in the day (I never had the pleasure of meeting him), had a piece in yesterday's New York Times about Dermot McEvoy's project to compile an "oral history" of the Head, and about the many Head regulars who have died in recent years. If you have a story or two, or more, to share, please send it to Dermot at

Update: It seems that Mr. Haberman's piece about the Lion's Head was one of the last of his NYC columns. On Thursday he issued his final column in the series. In it, he explained what he tried to do over the past sixteen years:

My goal was simply to make a desperate stab at explaining the maze called New York City. When I failed, people let me know. But the reward was the thousands of generous messages over the years from readers, many of whom accused me of having consistently made them laugh.
I was one of those, and I'll miss the column. He writes, "[t]here is time for a new adventure or two at this place." So, it seems, I'll be able to find his writing, and wit, elsewhere in the Times. But farewell to NYC, and thank you, Mr. Haberman, for years of stimulating reading, and for putting a link to my blog in the on-line version of your column about the Lion's Head.

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