Friday, April 06, 2012

Mets in three way tie for first in NL East.

Is this a bad sign? My wife, a Red Sox fan, is convinced that a good start always betokens a later collapse. She should take heart: the Sox lost their opener to the Tigers. I'll savor the moment, be encouraged by seeing Santana and the bullpen hold old archrivals the Braves (though the title of Mets' nemesis seems, in recent seasons, to have shifted to the Phillies) scoreless, and Wright drive in the sole, and thus winning, run. There was an injury--hey, these are the Mets--to starting center fielder Torres, though not one that is likely to sideline him for long.

I have no illusions about a quick turn-around. Harvey Araton quotes Mookie Wilson:
The New York Times: Wilson...said he believed the Mets could regain their standing and someday even turn New York back into a National League city if they could develop and stick to an organizational blueprint.

When his Mets were on top, “the Yankees were trying to buy pennants and it didn’t work,” he said. “I think they learned their lessons over the years: you have to build a strong foundation of core players. And then you can figure out what you need most, that piece or two, in order to win the World Series.”

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