Sunday, April 29, 2012

A train of thought leads me to a Jimmy Buffet song, and to waterbeds.

I was thinking about now obscure early 1970s bands with silly names, and that led to thinking about songs with funny titles, and that led me to the Jimmy Buffet song shown in a live performance in Honolulu (thanks to elenapopper for the clip) above.

Listening to Jimmy's song made me think about waterbeds. I've never owned one, and never hope to. I'm sure that, in my cooperative apartment proprietary lease, somewhere in the fine print I read years ago and mostly forgot, there's a clause prohibiting them. The weight can put strain on structural elements, and a leak on a higher floor could send water cascading down. Maybe this is why I haven't heard of waterbeds in years: I live in a city of apartment dwellers. Perhaps I have suburban acquaintances who are frolicking on waterbeds but somehow failing to mention this to me. Out of curiosity, I did a web search for "waterbeds New York" and found one dealer in suburban Farmingdale.

Does any of you have a waterbed?