Saturday, June 02, 2012

About the annoying pop-up ads on this blog; or, how to get rid of Text-Enhance/DealPly

You may have noticed, as I just did, that certain words in my posts are being highlighted--not the ones I've highlighted as links--and that, when you mouse over these words, ads pop up. I didn't, at least not knowingly, authorize this, and I'm trying to find out how to get rid of it. Sorry for the distraction.

Update: It seems the problem was an extension, which I never knowingly added, to my Chrome browser, called Text-Enhance. Unless you had this on your browser, you wouldn't have seen the highlighted and underlined words (links that I put in are highlighted but not underlined) in my blog posts, and wouldn't get the pop-up ads. If you are seeing these things on my blog or on any website you visit, follow these directions to get rid of the malware that has attached itself to your browser. When you see the list of extensions on your browser, it may not include Text-Enhance, but it may show as DealPly. I hasten to add: there is no malware in this blog, and visiting it is perfectly safe.

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