Sunday, July 15, 2012

S.S. United States breaks transatlantic speed record: a movie newsreel from 1952.

A year ago this past February, I posted about the S.S. United States getting at least a temporary reprieve from the threat of going for scrap. Since then, the S.S. United States Conservancy has been busy publicizing the efforts to save the ship and raising funds for her preservation. You can contribute on the Conservancy's website.

The video above is of a movie newsreel (if you're my age you probably can remember these; they were shown at movie theaters, along with previews of coming attractions and cartoon shorts, before the featured film) announcing the "Big U's" setting of a new transatlantic speed record, which entitled her to the Blue Riband, an award that retired with her. The broom seen in the foreground in the still above is to be attached to her mainmast for the next voyage as an acknowledgement of her record setting run.

Thanks to Carl R. Weber for the link to the video.