Monday, April 13, 2015

One week Mets report: they're above .500!

What we know about the Mets now: (1) Bartolo Colon is a wonder at 41, having won two games, and driven in the winning run (see it here) in game 3 against the Braves, thereby avoiding a sweep (that's why I love the NL not having the DH--pitchers should contribute to offense like all other players); (2) Jeurys Familia (photo) may be a capable stand-in as closer for the suspended Jenrry Mejia, having two saves under his belt so far; (3) shortstop Wilmer Flores is error prone, perhaps reflecting a choice of offensive over defensive potential; (4) the Mets can beat the Nats on the road (2-1); and (5) they can win at least one game out of a three game series in Atlanta.

My sense: glass half full.

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