Thursday, September 03, 2015

Self-Absorbed Boomer celebrates a decade of taxing attention spans.

I missed it. Last Sunday, August 30, was the tenth anniversary of the birth of Self-Absorbed Boomer. Much has gone down, and much has changed, since I first posted on August 30, 2005. If you read the linked post, you'll see references to the "Fray." It was an on-line discussion board appended to Slate, first Microsoft's then WaPo's on-line only magazine. The Fray no longer exists, though Slate still does. It was because of a suggestion made on the Fray that we all start blogs that I started mine. Many Fraysters have remained my friends; some only on-line while others also in the flesh, and some are my regular readers.

Over the years I've also gathered some readers through my work on the Brooklyn Heights Blog and through Facebook. Early on, I was posting more frequently, but most of my posts were quite short. Now, I'm putting the short stuff on Facebook, although I also put links to all my S-A B posts there, too. Work on BHB has also cut into the time I could devote to S-A B.

I hope I can keep this going for another decade (if I last that long; both of my parents made it into their nineties, so I may have genetics on my side), and that you'll continue to enjoy it. Thanks to you, my readers.

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