Saturday, October 28, 2006

College football bash.

Thank you, MSNBC, for defying authorities academic and municipal by continuing to call the Florida-Georgia game by its proper name, the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. The Gators came back from their defeat by Auburn, and with two weeks' rest, to continue their recent dominance of the Dawgs. They did this despite an offesnse that keeps sputtering, and a placement kicker who's now in Coach Meyer's doghouse. Next week's opponent is Vandy, which upset Georgia a couple of weeks ago. Florida needs to avoid their usual letdown after a big win (any win over Georgia is big for them), or they may find their top ten ranking scuttled by the Commodores.

FSU, which saw its ranking go a-glimmering long ago, got edged by the Terps to stay in the cellar of its division of the ACC. Mike Celizic is calling for Bobby Bowden's head. He lists several possible replacements, including USF's Jim Leavitt. Speaking of which, the Bulls have a week off to regroup from their disheartening, error-blighted loss to Cincinnatti. Next saturday, they face Pitt.

Still undefeated Rutgers puts its record and ranking at risk against Connecticut tomorrow. John Tamanaha thinks they're safe.

Beavers engulf Trojans. (Sorry, couldn't resist. Oh, and the USC QB is named Booty.)

Update: Exit nine lookin' fine. Rutgers over UConn 24-13 (very close to Tamanaha's predicted 26-14).

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