Tuesday, April 03, 2007

El Duque can hit.

In tonight's game against the Cards, he contributed two hits and two runs batted in to the Mets' 4-1 victory, which assures a series win over the defending World Series champs.

Imagine the frustration he must have felt during those seven seasons in the Designated Hitter League. He did manage to bat .333 in inter-league play during a couple of his seasons with the Yanks.

Update: ... and John Maine surely can pitch, as the Mets complete a sweep of the defending champs at Nuevo Busch Stadium. According to the AP story, this is the first time the Mets have had a 3-0 start since 1994. Ah, yes, the "strike-shortened 1994 season", which the Mets ended with a 55-58 record.

I'll continue to be a worrywart until the Mets either (a) clinch, or (b) are mathematically eliminated.

For August: I root for the Orioles, too ... whenever they play the Yanks.


  1. Indeed. I remember Mo Vaugn and Roberto Alamar a little too well. Still, these guys seem likable, and they're playing good ball at the moment, so might as well enjoy.

    (Full disclosure -- I'm an Orioles fan. I know.)

  2. orioles, eh? you guys have a nice ballpark. i like how it fills up with sox fans when boston comes to town.