Sunday, April 01, 2007

Mets win opener.

They win it, 6-1, on the road, against the Cards, their nemesis in last year's NLCS. It wasn't as easy as the score indicates, with both Glavine and Heilman having to pitch out of bases loaded jams. In Glavine's case, the escape was aided by a great Beltran throw from center and a LoDuca tag-out of Eckstein at the plate. Wagner pitched the ninth in a no-save situation, and gave up two hits before closing the deal.

I feel a little less nervous than I did during most of spring training, but I have this sense that, for the Mets, losing the opener is a good sign (I believe they lost opening games in both 1969 and 1986).

Tim Marchman nailed it: "Mets fans, by nature, are fusspots."