Sunday, November 11, 2007

Blogitus interruptus.

It's been over a week since I've posted anything, and I can sense my vast fan base getting restless. For a few days, I was busy with other projects, including Brooklyn Heights Blog. Then my modem/router died. Verizon has promised me a new one in a few days; until then, I must either poach on the bandwidth of neighbors who haven't password-protected their wireless, or post from my office, which is where I am now on a Sunday evening.

Please be patient, folks. Good stuff is coming, including my philosophical musings prompted by the New York City Board of Education's attempt to "grade" public schools, and more paintings by Mark Crawford.

Until then, keep the faith.


  1. I don’t know what it is, Claude, but I know of at least a dozen or more bloggers who have written over the past week or so that they have a blogging block, including me. Perhaps it has to do with the stars of some other mysterious inscrutability.

  2. Come back soon, Claude