Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Oh. My. God.

I need this like I need another Republican administration.

That, and having Lastings Milledge support the "curse of the ex-Met" theory.

(OK, maybe it could be worse. I could be a White Sox fan, having to deal with Dollgate. Kevin Hench is my kind of sportswriter: one who can start a story with a quote from Virginia Wolff, compare her to Randy Wolf, then note that Mrs. Dalloway would bat fifth in the current Chisox lineup.)

Update: Figueroa's trash talk doesn't jinx the Mets tonight as Maine pitches a good six innings, Wagner gets another save while preserving his zip-uh-de-doo-dah ERA, and Church illuminates the scoreboard with four ribbies. Milledge, meanwhile, is held hitless.


  1. Milledge went hitless, didn't have one good swing and misplayed Reyes' RBI single late in the game. Played cleanly, he could have thrown out Schneider at the plate by 20 feet. Sat in Upper Level Box #797 with Maureen, about two dozen of her co-workers from PS 60 and a bunch of neighbors.

    A great night, although a very ragged game.

    Another bright spot was Delgado's bunt single and a solid drive to the wall in center that Milledge tracked down and caught.

    Kept looking at the scoreboard in the middle innings, though, and whining: "Eleven hits and two friggin' runs???!!!"