Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Has Nirvana changed our language?

This from MSNBC's First Read today:

Stevens' guilty verdict not only all but ended the career of the Senate's longest-serving Republican; it also signaled the end of an era for Senate Republicans. Think about it -- next year, we could see a Senate where there is no Trent Lott (already retired), Pete Domenici (retiring), John Warner (retiring), Stevens (who will most likely lose next week), and possibly Mitch McConnell (who's in the fight of his political life down in Kentucky). And nevermind the possibility that the GOP Senate caucus won't have a Dole, either.
(Emphasis added.)

Update: The good people of Alaska re-elect Stevens. Should "nevermind" be their new state motto?

11/20 Update: Never mind.

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