Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Say it ain't so!

From Ted Robinson's "At Bat" column on MSNBC, concerning likely free agent signings:

MANNY RAMIREZ AND THE METS: Who else can and will give the dollars and years Manny’s agent, Scott Boras, wants for the 37-year-old? How about a team that needs another star to distract from the memory of a second consecutive collapse. A team that is in dire need of a right-handed power bat for a corner outfield spot. A team that showed an interest in acquiring Ramirez a few years ago. A team that has built a reputation as the best landing spot for Latin players. A team that plays in Ramirez’s hometown. And a team that has built a reputation for landing the superstar player.
No! No! No! Does anyone in Mets' management remember Roberto Alomar? Eddie Murray? Bobby Bonilla? Kevin McReynolds? (Surely you remember Mo Vaughn--you're still paying him.) Spare us.

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  1. manny is not mo. he may be on the tail-end, but a 2 year contract and he could help a hell of a lot.

    and, cause this one is irresistable...

    black box word: gluild - a glue maker's guild.