Friday, March 13, 2009

Michael Simmons previews the next Bob Dylan album.

Michael has listened to several tracks of an as yet untitled Dylan album reportedly scheduled for late April release, and has written a piece for Mojo about it. I'm encouraged by this observation, in connection with the song "Shake Shake Mama":

Some artists retreat to servile reasonableness and bourgeois banality as they get older. Not Bob. He got Las Vegas out of his system at Budokan.
Michael's comment about the "hideous New Age cliché" Dylan skewers in "It's All Good" made me think of the wedding scene from Little Murders.

3.19 update: It's called Together Through Life, it's due out on April 28, and it has a very sexy cover photo.


  1. "Not Bob. He got Las Vegas out of his system at Budokan."

    Clearly not someone who has seen recent tour dates. (Of course, I love Budokan precisely because it's the most different-from-the-albums non-bootleg live release; it's like hearing the My Chemical Romance cover of "Desolation Row" on the closing credits of Watchmen.)

  2. Go, Bob, go. Thanks, Claude.

  3. Anonymous1:47 AM

    "Clearly not someone who has seen recent tour dates." I never cease to be bemused by the certainty with which people make incomplete statements, notably in comments sections on websites. I don't know what that sentence means. I've seen Dylan about 20 times total, 15 between the early '90s and 2008, the last being September 3rd, 2008. The Never Ending Tour has featured lean, mean, stripped down ensembles with a minimum of glitz as well as improvisational and evolving musical arrangements, the exact opposite of Bob's big band of the late '70s. What is the point here?

    By the way, bonne fete a toi, Claude!